One month, the easiest change I’ve ever made.

So it’s been a month since I tried my first essential oil for anything. Wow. What a month. I’ve not needed anything for my chronic pain, headaches, allergies, nausea, stomach upset, to wake up, to go to sleep, for stress or anxiety… And I’ve been happy. I mean… Really happy. I am free from the side effects. I can’t feel my hair grow when I use my oils (like I do on Percocet!); I’m not edgy. I’m not tired. I’m not mean. I’m not stressed. I’m not constipated (see also, “I’m not mean) everything isn’t REALLY LOUD (see also,”I’m not stressed”). Everything is grand. I even stood in line at Hobby Lobby behind a woman who apparently needed eleventy hundred rain checks for some flower she was buying for an upcoming wedding. I out stood every single one of the dozen people behind me as I watched them check out and leave while I STILL STOOD THERE waiting… The woman was clearly feeling bad for having kept me, and normally I would have scalped her in my mind because of how terribly impatient I can be. Not this time. I had the forethought to apply Valor (the true love of my life, sorry hubby.. You may be 2nd) – to my neck and shoulders while running my errands just prior. I chatted away with the woman and even let her tell me about the Italian (drool) cookies that they were making that day. If you know me at all, you know THIS IS ABNORMAL of me… I can’t stand to wait. I also am constantly seeing a way to do things faster and better (not because I’m a know-it-all, but because I have ever a genuine interest in time efficiency!) and standing there would normally have made me go out of my mind.

After we chatted and I got myself checked out, I was happily on my way.

This is BIG, people!


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