Pepperminstant relief.


Sunday mornings around here are rushed. Usually after staying up later than normal on Saturday night and probably eating poorly because it’s the weekend. Surely not getting enough water in, and definitely not exercising.  It’s basically a free-for-all, huh? As we are all racing to get hair finished, clothing just right, grab a granola bar for breakfast, etc.. I headed out the door with a headache. The kind you get after aforementioned free-for-all. I immediately (out of habit) ran to the cabinet for Tylenol, this after weeks of not using ANY OTC meds.. What was I thinking? Then, honestly, I was a little let down thinking I would have to use peppermint oil for my headache – not being completely sure it would do the trick. Oh well, grabbed the bag and out the door… Pulled in to the church lot and dropped two drops of peppermint in my left hand, dunked my right thumb in and pressed it against the roof of my mouth the way I’ve read countless Lemon Droppers have done. Holding.


Immediately I felt my sinuses open up (as they were FORCED to do when bombarded with peppermint oil) and the headache relieved. We walked in and knelt to say hello to God and beg forgiveness for the crappy way we’ve acted all week and for help being better people in the week to come. As I knelt, I had another trick – I was inhaling the oil from the palm of my hands. Now, don’t get me wrong, I completely believe a little prayer with my oils is THE WAY TO GO, but this instant and sustaining relief was definitely nothing short of a tiny miracle. The relief lasted easily as long as any acetaminophen or ibuprofen and once I got home I had lunch, caught up on that water and went for a walk. The oils are awesome, but I still believe we must do the ground work.

If you take copious amounts of OTC headache relief, you may want to throw your suffering liver and stomach a life preserver… Try some peppermint oil instead.


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