Just scrolling through my old (and I do mean “old) blog and noticed I had made a post about the Zyto, so figured no better time to update it, like the present! It’s good to know some things never change. I loved the Zyto Compass and now I love the Zyto BALANCE even more. It’s super comprehensive.

I don’t know exactly HOW it “knows”, all I know is that it makes people incredibly GIDDY to see what Zyto “says” about their wellness.

Zyto Balance can “read” your energy, your physical presence and your meridians, organs and bones. Ever wonder what your body needs RIGHT NOW? Stop guessing and let Zyto tell you. Through Galvanic Skin Response, Zyto sends electrical “questions” through a hand cradle (you can’t feel anything, don’t worry) in turn, your body “answers” these questions with a (layman’s terms) a “yes” or “no”. Zyto’s algorithm and complex software compiles these answers and spits out a 20 page report about the areas of your body, mind and spirit that can benefit from extra support. I use Young Living’s library of products, but there are practitioners who use multiple libraries (and they charge 3 or 4 times what I charge) to determine which products your body may most appreciate at this time.

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My friend April Howton (@studio23s on IG) said it best, when I asked her how she was marketing the scan to her organization,

“It gives people hope. I’ve seen so many people who don’t even have that, until they see their report. It renews their hope, that there IS an answer to why they’re feeling so bad… I love that!”

Once you get to the emotions section, you’re going to NEED to get introspective. This is the part that is an eye-opener for many. Greed, hate, anger, frustration, loneliness, guilt, exhaustion…just a few emotions that will come up. There will be suggested products to begin or continue using as “balancers” to the emotions that show up on your report. It’s truly fascinating!

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Remember that the Zyto is an FDA approved device, but it is NOT intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure ANY disease or illness. The Zyto will not tell you anything that is “wrong” with you – it simply tells you which products your body “prefers”. ALWAYS seek the advice of a medical practitioner before you begin taking any products recommended.

I am doing scans at Life Fitness, 2201 S. Broadway, Oak Grove, Mo.
Contact me at for an appointment.
Cost: $60 per scan
My Young Living organization members, please contact me for pricing.


Here’s the previous content:

HOLY COW, I am wide awake at 12:40 am because I am SO excited about this silly thing, I can’t sleep. I have read reviews, watched videos, pulled up all the negative information I can find (because I like to see both sides of a product that I’m considering) and

  1. I can’t find much negativity except by those who worship MD’s, and even that is limited to less than 10 comments of the hundreds I read,
  2. I see NO ONE trying to sell their device (believe me, I checked! eBay, Amazon, Craigslist) and,
  3. ALL of the reviews and comments I see are THRILLED (and a little shocked) by the accuracy of the feedback this device provides.

Mine is on it’s way and will arrive WEDNESDAY…tonight is Zyto eve eve… 
I am SUCH a geek for technology. This technology is kin to EEG, EKG and lie detector testing. Whether you believe in it or not, you have to try it – the scans are $25 bucks. Cheap!

I had one done last Sunday and it recommended two things I didn’t understand until I read the Essential Oils Desk Reference and what those things were used for. I have NO idea how the Zyto knew the deep dark secrets of my body! It was really cool. There are 76 biomarkers that the Zyto “reads”; bones, teeth, organs and meridians are included in these. Of the 76, I had 51 (yes, FIFTY ONE) out of range. When a biomarker is “out of range” it simply means there is something happening that is keeping your body from being in homeostasis.

–> Homeostasis; Definition; noun; (Science: Biology)
The ability of the body or a cell to seek and maintain a condition of equilibrium or stability within its internal environment when dealing with external changes. <–

The Zyto Compass sends electric impulses to the hand cradle that ask your body questions, and without conscious effort on your part, nor the ability to change the response, your body responds. Each oil and product from YL has been obtained by Zyto and given a digital signature, this is called a “biomarker”. The digital information sent to your hand is defined by the particular library of products you choose to use. There are 12 or more companies that you can use, obviously, I use Young Living. You can opt for Oils, Supplements, Weight Loss or all three.

From my scan, the first product that created the most harmony with my body corrected 17 of my biomarkers. From that, the next product is deduced – combined with the information from the first product. In other words, the software says, “Ok, if Becky takes product 1, what will happen then?” and then the second product is determined. It went down the page showing products that would correct a certain number of markers until ALL markers are brought back into homeostasis. I think I had 9-11 products recommended, but you usually want to go with the top 2 – this gives your clients a good idea of what oils they could purchase to be beneficial for them.

You can also make a “good guess” about what might be going on with your health based on what ailments those certain oils are good for. (Being careful not to use the words “diagnose” or “treat”!)

Remember, the Zyto isn’t a medical device and is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure illness, ailments or conditions – it’s just been surprisingly accurate in the many pages of reviews and videos I’ve been digging up for the last 2 weeks. And PS, I wasn’t paid to do this review – nor provided a cradle. This is my opinion as of 10/29/2013 – I will update after I receive and use it!

I put the information below, together for anyone who may be interested in a ZYTO Compass. I read and read and thought and prayed about getting one before I finally ordered it. I have an affiliate link, so if my information has been helpful, I’d appreciate you using it to purchase yours.
Recommended charges for scans range from $25-30 and up – some are charging $50 for people outside their organization. There is a monthly fee for using the device, which is why there’s a small charge for a scan.
Hope this is helpful for you all! Happy oiling!


GSR or Galvanic Skin Response and ZYTO Compass

GSR in Biofeedback: The galvanic skin response (GSR) feedback instrument (Zyto Compass) measures skin conductivity from the fingers and / or palms. The GSR is highly sensitive to emotions in some people. GSR feedback has been used in the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and related dermatological conditions, and for relaxing and desensitization training.

GSR History: An often misunderstood and difficult technique, GSR has gone through many phases of interest and rejection since the early 1900′s. The empirical study of electrical changes in human skin was described more than 100 years ago by Vigouroux and by Fere. Learning how to measure the galvanic skin response is of interest to scientists today because this test could offer insight into the true psychological and physiological state of a test subject beyond his verbal response to questioning. Galvanic skin response has continued to be used in the 21st Century in polygraph (lie detector) tests and some psychotherapy treatments. GSR measurements are typically taken on the fingers to determine electrical conductivity of the skin. By using these measurements, testers can determine the true emotional and mental state of the subject, which may assist in some formal investigations or mental health treatments.

It has been used in important research on anxiety and stress levels (Fenz & Epstein, ‘67); and it has been a part of lie detection (Raskin, ‘73). Controversy has centered around the technique, underlying mechanisms, and the meaning of the responses obtained from the skin. There has been a long history of electro dermal activity research, most of it dealing with spontaneous fluctuations. Most investigators accept the phenomenon without understanding exactly what it means (Hume, ‘76). Although GSR is the oldest and yet most confusing term, it is also the one in common use. Many attempts have been made to improve and update the terminology; two such systems are proposed by the Society for Psychophysiological Research (Brown, ‘67), and Venables & Martin (’67). Electro dermal response (EDR) is the umbrella under which the terms fall. The skin conductance response, also known as the electro dermal response (“galvanic skin response”), is the phenomenon that the skin momentarily becomes a better conductor of electricity when either external or internal stimuli occur that are physiologically arousing. Arousal is a broad term referring to overall ‘activation’, and is widely considered to be one of the two main dimensions of an emotional response. Measuring arousal is therefore not the same as measuring emotion, but is an important component of it. Arousal has been found to be a strong predictor of attention and memory.

Basically there are two techniques in the history of Electro dermal measurement. In one a current is passed thru the skin and the resistance to passage is measured; in the other no current is used externally and the skin itself is the source of electrical activity. There are only a couple of places where it is widely recognized as easy and reliable to measure the skin conductance response: the palms and the soles of the feet. In these places there is a high density of the eccrine sweat glands, which are known to be responsive to emotional and other psychological stimuli. In either of these areas, the conductance is measured by placing two electrodes next to the skin and passing a tiny electric charge between the two points. (This is what happens when using the ZYTO hand cradle) When the subject increases in arousal, his/her skin immediately becomes a slightly better conductor of electricity. This response can then be measured and communicated. When using the Zyto Cradle, these stimuli are sent from the cradle via messages from the computer, and then the response is measured.

GSR Physiology: Easily measured and relatively reliable, GSR has been used as an index for those who need some measurable parameter of a person’s internal “state”. As in EEG, there is not a clear understanding of what the measures reflect. Physiologically, the GSR reflects sweat gland activity and changes in

the sympathetic nervous system and measurement variables. Measured from the palm or fingertips, there are changes in the relative conductance of a small electrical current between the electrodes. The activity of the sweat glands in response to sympathetic nervous stimulation (Increased sympathetic activation) results in an increase in the level of conductance. There is a relationship between sympathetic activity and emotional arousal, although one cannot identify the specific emotion being elicited. Fear, anger, startle response, orienting response and sexual feelings are all among the emotions which may produce similar GSR responses.

GSR History, & Physiology taken from BIOFEEDBACK Methods and Procedures in clinical practice (1977) written by George D Fuller, Ph.D.

Avoid trying to manipulate the results of your galvanic skin response test by holding your breath or thinking calming thoughts. The GSR measurement is highly sensitive to immediate responses, which can be difficult to control with one’s mind.

To measure skin conductance (or galvanic skin response), a very small and painless voltage is applied across electrodes that come in contact with the hand (0.5V). By measuring the current that flows, conductance can be measured. By Ohms law, Resistance = Voltage divided by Current, therefore Conductance = Current divided by voltage, the reciprocal of resistance. The unit of resistance is the Ohm, and Conductance used to be expressed as Mho, but the preferred unit of conductance is microSiemens. It is the reciprocal of MegOhm. Zero resistance (a short circuit) is infinite conductance, 1 MegOhm is 1 microSiemens, 2 MegOhms is 0.5 microSiemens, 100kOhms is 10 microSiemens, and so on.

Is the Zyto Compass affected by activity-related sweating (like jogging)?

The skin conductance response is measured from the eccrine glands, which cover most of the body and are especially dense in the palms and soles of the feet. (These are different from the apocrine sweat glands found primarily in the armpits and genital areas.) The primary function of eccrine glands is thermoregulation — evaporative cooling of the body — which tends to increase in aerobic activity, so yes, activity can affect conductance. However, the eccrine glands located on the palms and soles have been found to be highly sensitive to emotional and other significant stimuli, with a measurable response that precedes the appearance of sweat.

Isn’t it simply related to hand temperature?

No. However, when the body is significantly overheated and there is a lot of perspiration, the overall level of skin conductance will indeed climb. However, skin conductance is not simply temperature-based. You can also have high conductance when your hands are cold (as when you are nervous) and you can have low conductance when your hands are warm (as when very relaxed). The Zyto Compass is not merely a temperature sensor like the so-called “mood ring.”

Most importantly, remember that your ZYTO Compass is merely a tool in obtaining optimal health; the information produced by the device is only intended to give insight as to what your body prefers at that moment. The ZYTO Compass is NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT or CURE any medical conditions, syndromes or ailments and should not replace a visit to your health care provider. Zyto scans are not recommended to be repeated in the same day, as results can be like that of blood pressure checks; subsequent results would not be as accurate because of having just completed a scan recently. It’s best to wait 2-4 weeks and even longer when looking for changes after starting a new regimen.


What allergies?

What allergies?

There’s not much to say about this combo besides “it works!” – wow, I am typically a fall allergy sufferer and I’ve been taking the capsule shown here since the middle of August (2013). I see people around me sneezing, clearing their throat, wheezing – not me! I do have the occasional “post nasal drip” (I never knew that’s what it was called!) but that’s when I’ve forgotten to take my capsule. The nice thing about oils is they are SO QUICK, you can apply topically and get relief within minutes; case in point –

Last weekend my husband and I went to see our boys perform in a band competition a couple of hours away. It was a beautiful day, a little crisp in the morning, but the sun came out and it hit 63* (my perfect temperature with sun!). We were outside all day and it was a little humid, these are the days that are particularly hard on ME because I get congested. He suffers from allergy symptoms almost year around, and that day was no different. We headed home and got in the car – no a/c because it wasn’t hot enough, and with that humidity, he began to “stuff up”. As we drove, I reached over and doused him with lavender directly on his sinuses and down the bridge of his nose, then a good application of lemon on his glands behind his ear. Mind you, I could only reach his right side. In *less than a minute* he said, ‘wow….that’s like magic’! Ha! I asked if both sides were clear and he said ‘no, only the right side’ – PROOF! I handed him the bottle and let him apply to the other side. We drove another 15 minutes or so and he stuffed up again, so we did the whole protocol again. He was clear the REST OF THE NIGHT. Sometimes you have to treat a few times an hour until you get “over the hump” – and that’s what we did. Since, I have made him a roller of lavender, lemon and peppermint that he uses every night before bed, along with Valor, so he sleeps more quietly 🙂

What allergies!?!