Make and Take Gift Set

yl gift

 This is the Make and Take Gift Set I have compiled for the class I’m hosting tomorrow night. I’m super excited about how darn cute these turned out. My sets include:

  • Lip balm
  • Zit Zapper Stick
  • 2 oz Facial Scrub or Moisturizer
  • 2 oz Body Cream
  • 4 oz Sugar Scrub
  • 2 oz Linen Spray or Thieves Disinfectant Spray

Depending on what each person decides to mix into their products will determine the gifts they give. There really isn’t a cut and dry recipe for each item, you basically need a few base products like sugar, distilled water, olive (or other oil), coconut oil, Vitamin E (if desired), beeswax, shea or cocoa butter, sea salt, a little vodka and essential oils.

The basic idea goes like this:

  • Any spray type product is going to have a majority of distilled water. Witch hazel can be used for skin sprays. You will add a touch of alcohol (rubbing or vodka.. I use vodka for the kind I may spray in my mouth), you’ll also need a tiny bit of sea salt (which helps the oils incorporate better into the mixture) and of course, Young Living Essential Oils. (Because who uses anything else?)
  • Any “scrub” type product will have a majority of salt or sugar as a base, a good dose of some kind of oil (olive, almond, coconut – coconut is the most cost effective, but you can add the others as well), Vitamin E is also used in some, and of course YLEO (Young Living Essential Oils) of your choosing.
  • Any “cream” type product is going to have a base of oil (coconut is well received by your body, so that’s what I like to use), and YLEO.
  • The balms and sticks and lotion bars have equal parts beeswax, coconut oil and almond oil (you can change it up, use almond if you like or olive.. it’s a personal preference thing and I know my readers are smart enough to experiment and figure this part out!) If you want your bars/balms to be a little more “melty”, increase the oils, decrease the beeswax. You can also add shea or cocoa butter here.


I love these little tubes. I got mine on Etsy at $17 for 100. You can check eBay and Amazon also… Etsy has had some great prices lately. For the “Zit Zapper” stick, you just get some coconut oil to the melting point (above 77*) and add Purification oil and let them solidify. These will melt quickly and easily on a human’s face! Either store them in the fridge or add a tiny bit of beeswax to keep them a little more firm. I will add lemon (for puffiness) and Melrose (for general skin health) to mine. The lip balms are just beeswax, coconut oil and YLEO. Try lavender and orange, or peppermint and lemon – if you add a little cocoa butter and use peppermint YLEO, you have a chocolate mint balm, yum! Easy peasy.

balm and zapperHere’s another look at some different labels I ended up using because the others are very “Christmassy” – I wanted them to be more universal. So cute!

The labels were just made at using their online label design wizard – I don’t make this stuff difficult!

Who has time for that??

diy young living

These are some labels I created  using Avery’s wizard. Because of YL’s requirements, we aren’t allowed to sell anything that is labeled with Young Living information. These are home made gifts, so we’re in the clear. Please don’t label your items with Young Living if you are selling for profit. You may  use “100% Pure Essential oils” in the ingredients, if you list them.


These are the lotion bars I made in my last post.


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