Get some sleep, will ya?

So we know that sleep is the very basis for good health. Doing the Zyto Balance scans on dozens of people lately has taught me a couple of things: Most people don’t get enough minerals, are eating very poorly and are not sleeping well.
Getting into REM sleep is where the healing occurs – YOU NEED TO DREAM! I mean this in the figurative AND literal sense. Sleeping 8-10 hours (don’t laugh, I know that’s not always possible) is the best, and working WITH your circadian rhythm is the very best path to optimal health and mental well being. (Think depression, anxiety, sadness, mood disorders: these start with poor nutrition, lack of minerals and extremely poor sleep)
Since I became a mom, I have struggled with sleep. I have the “mom’s ear” – and am constantly “listening” (whether I want to or not) for trouble in the night. This NEVER LEAVES A MOTHER… ok? So, I’ve had to find some serious assistance in the sleep department.

I am not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on TV. (Hilarious. Heard it 1000 times.) Please check with your doctor before taking any idiot blogger’s advice. This is just what works for me. 
First and foremost, I don’t eat within 4 hours of bedtime. No food. No caffeine for 8 hours prior. Black decaf or unsweetened chamomile tea are allowed. I don’t do coffee, so I will have tea. Anything that your body has to “process”, will be processed BEFORE any melatonin production will occur. Melatonin = sleep hormone.
THINK ABOUT THIS. If you’re my age (all of my highschool friends who are reading this, LISTEN UP – I’m talking to you) You’re NOT SLEEPING well. You’re eating too late, watching Netflix until you doze off and you’re not getting enough “green leafies” in your diet. No wonder you look like hell. And a shout out to ol’ William Chrisman alum: Y’all are drinking too much. LOL – there I said it.
Here are some of the non-negotiables for me, lately:
  • I use the SHHH app – and I never make it beyond about 2 minutes into the “song” before I’m OUT!
  • At least 500Mg of Potassium (Keto makes you heavily deficient, but EVERYONE is deficient! So GET YOUR MINERALS) Check with your health practitioner for the proper level for YOU. 
  • Progessence Plus on the back of my neck
  • Wearing these after 5:30 PM (I can not tell you HOW much sleepier I am when it’s time for bed now that I’ve started honoring the circadian rhythm and stopped interfering with it)
Seems like a lot – does it? These “tips” are pretty cheap, folks!  And super easy to incorporate. My health is worth it. So is yours. Get some sleep, will ya?

forever & OILways,