I have found Joy.

So I’ve been on this journey with Young LIving since August 2. Not a single OTC med has passed my lips since then, but I have a dirty little secret.. I have taken Rx diet pills in the past. On my “promise” to attempt to stop all of these pharmaceuticals, I did find myself wondering what I would do to get that “high” I feel the first 3-4 hours I take Phentermine.

“Oh man.. I love that feeling.. and the appetite suppression”, I thought. “Maybe I’ll just take them every other day, or half a day and not tell anyone..”

Duh. Obviously, I can’t do that and call myself “honest” about the oils I’m using – and remember who suffers when you cheat? YOU DO. I can’t lie to myself and think oils are working for me if I’m taking MEDS that will absolutely cause a reaction or effect in my body. I can’t, with good conscience, tell someone to try what I’m doing – only for them to say later, “those didn’t work for me”. I HATE hearing that – I am NOT out to ‘make a buck’, I want to HELP my friends and family who have told me about their personal and private health concerns.

It just hit me, literally 15 minutes ago. I have that “feeling”.. the euphoric, “wanna-hug-everyone” and shower them with compliments and praise.. the “let’s go for a run!” feeling.. the feeling I used to get with Phentermine. WHAT?! YES! that feeling! I’m on Facebook being NICE, I’m looking for documents and digging through my reference book to try to answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION I see on Lemon Drop Lounge – I’m HAPPY, I’m SILLY, I’m GIDDY………..wait, I’m JOYFUL!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have regularly diffused Joy. The other night I decided to plug in a diffuser on my desk because the “cold/flu” thing has been trying to get in around here, and I am not going to fall victim. My desk is HUGE..it’s a great big, stupid SCRAPBOOKING desk (it’s a perfect square and annoying as hell) – and it’s hard to move and get behind, which is why I haven’t gone through the hassle of plugging in a diffuser here. Since I finally did (apparently it takes the threat of viruses to do so) – I have been diffusing Thieves and Purification. (which I have heard for months and thought, “that’s got to be a strange smell” – but it’s WONDERFUL! It doesn’t smell anything like you think! and if you hate a smell of an oil out of the bottle, try it diffused – trust me) This morning, I had brought in my empty bottle of Joy and threw it on the desk so I could remove the label and use it later for a roll on or a sample. I opened the bottle and found a few drops were left, dropped them in the diffuser – and off I went. I had NO IDEA HOW MUCH I’VE MISSED IT! It’s been diffusing for about an hour, I ran upstairs to make some Teavana (I love “Weight to go! Pu-Erh”) and came back down to start on my tasks for the day. Within 10 minutes, that “FEELING” came.. I feel FANTASTIC, I am euphoric and energetic! I feel HAPPY!


Thank you Lord, for your happy oils! 


“Joy™ is a luxuriously exotic blend with uplifting overtones that creates magnetic energy and brings joy to the heart. When worn as cologne or perfume, Joy exudes an alluring and irresistible fragrance that inspires romance and togetherness. When diffused, it can be refreshing and uplifting.”


Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), lemon (Citrus limon), mandarin (Citrus reticulata), jasmine (Jasminum officinale), Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), and rose (Rosa damascena).

While I’m at it, I want to share this article that actually made me cry. I have been saying this for years, I have been trying to persuade friends and family to understand this. I am begging you – please read it. We are becoming a drugged society.. zombies. People who can’t feel anything, kids who can’t COPE without a crutch. ANYTHING that you use to cope, is a DEPENDENCY. Please please please…. consider the discussion with your doctor about quitting these meds.

This isn’t my image, but it’s adorable: